Fight off your demons.                                      20/01/10

Big news for all our London friends, we shall be distributing the last copies of Issue 2 at Wembley Arena this coming Saturday at the Brand New show with support from Glassjaw and Thrice. We are in talks about getting a table but if all else fails we shall just stand and hand out, I can promise now it will be more entertaining than any flyer you get handed that night.


Tweet, tweet that incessant noise.                 14/01/10

We are widening our stretch Twitter has now added its self to our list of play things, if you would like us in your pocket jump over and add @alsafanzine


Here at last.                                                        01/01/10

It has been a long time coming but we are finally here in digital form breaking out of that which binds us over on Facebook. Issue 1 and 2 are circling around the country (and a few otheres) as we type but for those not lucky enough to grab a hard copy, be it one delivered or one hidden about the UK fear not! We have now made our content virtual for all to read